Tenant & Buyer Representation


tenant representation

Tenant representation is the ultimate reward, and the “why” I started my business.  When you deliver a client the space they’ve dreamt of since the day they started their entrepreneurial journey, the reward is unspeakable.  Your handing a vision to a client they’ve been dreaming about since their headquarters was the kitchen table, logistics was the spare bedroom, and distribution was the garage.


FREEDOM TO CONTINUE TO WORK– Your job is to maximize your value in your company, not scour the internet for spaces to Lease or buy, canvas properties, or call Landlord Brokers off a sign.  We do the heavy lifting for you.

UNBIASED OPINION OF VALUE – By not representing Landlords, we offer an unbiased view across the properties you’ve selected through site selection.  Our only client in the deal is you, and we represent you exclusively and your interests.

OFF MARKET OPPORTUNITIES – We have been extremely successful finding opportunities for our clients in spaces that are not publicly listed.  Due to extensive industry relationships we are able to find deals not on the market or not to market yet.  Deals you will not find on LoopNet or other listing services.

ASSESSING NEEDS VS WANTS– The space you want, may not be the space you need.  Our experience and in-depth analysis of your company’s growth and logistic needs has proven to deliver the exact space you need, but maybe don’t initially know.  The want isn’t always the need, and our job is to show you opportunities beneficial to your growth, not just your present.