Seller Representation


when it’s time to selL

When it’s time to sell, you want to hire a Broker that does more than just put up a sign, and hope someone calls.  You want someone aggressive, someone who is actively working the property not just hoping the property appeals to a blanket of buyers in a net you cast across traditional marketing.  Our approach to selling is specific to ideal buyers for each property we sell.  We don’t have a pipeline to follow due to a corporate structure.  We are agile, can pivot, and veer down the proper path rather than stay on the traditional one where no one is looking.


MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY – By partnering with us to sell your property, we allow you to do what you do best – Work!  Your job is not to market or prospect for buyers, it’s ours. 

PRICE THE PROPERTY CORRECTLY– We don’t “buy listings.”  If we feel we can’t sell your property at a price we agree to there’s no need for us to waste your time.  Our strategy, and in depth look at data allows us to identify the correct price for your property in order to sell it to the right buyer.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE – Our experience in the market and consistent activity gives us an in-depth look at the industry’s trends and allows us to stay in step with the market in order to put your property in front of the right people.