Property Management



I avoided getting into Property Management for a long time.  I used to work for a property management company, and I wanted no part of leaking roof calls, flooding parking lots, transient calls, etc…  But, as I became an investor, and an owner of properties myself, I realized I enjoy being hands on with the properties, and problem solving.  Being able to add value to my clients from a portfolio management stand point has more benefits than I anticipated and helped me dispel some of the previous issues my clients have experienced with previous management


PROPER MARKETING OF THE PROPERTY & TENANT SELECTION – Today’s Commercial Real Estate Tech industry has leveled the playing field between boutique brokerages and corporate firms.  From my opinion it’s given the smaller firms the advantage in working with Private Capital investors.  Being a smaller firm, we are able to dig in to the community, market directly, and hand select the proper tenants for each property rather than market to the masses and flood national tenants with properties they would glaze over.  Lowerkase Commercial only represents Landlords for Leasing on properties we manage,

ACCOUNTING & REPORTING – Maximizing profitability is the name of the game in Asset Management.  Being hands on with the accounting side of my client’s properties allows me to carefully manage each portion of the accounting.  We do nothing “status quo” and are continually identifying ways to maximize returns through in depth analysis on a monthly, quarterly and bi-annual basis.

HIRING THE PROPER VENDORS – If you’ve ever paid a landscaping invoice and noticed the landscapers address is the same address as the property management company, you can understand why it’s important to have the property relationship with your vendors, and be able to hire the right ones for the exact job without bias.  We have a wide range of qualified vendors, both corporate and local to pull from.  We hand select vendors specific to each piece of Property Management.  We vet them, continually revisit their work, and make sure their standards have not slipped from the “dating period” of our relationship.

MANAGING THE TENANT RELATIONSHIP – Arm’s length relationships between Landlord and Tenant are always preferred, but not always comfortable.  You want to make sure your property is taken care of, your tenants needs are looked after, and the property is not being neglected.  Our continual interation with our Teanants from in person, Monthly mailings, or simple updates on the property’s status gives us a beat of the pulse of our tenants.  This also allows our Clients the freedom to walk the property and not feel like a surprise is coming, or that they will hear from a Tenant they have not seen the Management lately.

MAXIMIZING OUR CLIENT’S TIME – If you’ve ever had a call on the way out the door, or just as you were jumping into a meeting you had to have that something is wrong with your property, you can understand how valuable it is to have the right people handling this for you.  Our job is to mitigate concerns, cares, or issues you have to deal with and allow you the freedom to travel, continue to work, and sleep through the night.  Let us handle the issues for you.

EXPERIENCE IN OWNERSHIP– Being an investor and owner ourselves, we understand the issues you face when owning property first hand.  We manage each property as if we owned it ourselves.  Meaning we not just manage, but we have made the decisions we are asking you to make, and we analyze your property the same way we do ours.